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Obama's justice department is on the wrong side again

This time, siding with the 5-4 Supreme Court majority saying there is no right to access to DNA evidence for post-conviction testing.

WTF?  We know Obama is weird on criminal issues -- saying he supported the death penalty for rape was insane, for example -- so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Queers, criminal defendants -- who's he going to throw under the bus next?

Because I'm not crazy and I've considered the alternatives, I'm glad Obama is our president.  But purely on an emotional level, it's harder for me than living under W.  I knew W was evil, and when he was the president I was angry and horrified.  The betrayal and disappointment are actually harder to take.  With W, the evil deeds were predictable, so I never felt betrayed.  Obama's election kind of swept away my cynicism about politics, and it's really painful to feel it rushing back. 


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